Our Services

Audit and Assurance Services

We provides services of audit under various statutes by various entities ranging from large, medium and small corporate, banks and non-corporate entities. Our services cover:

Statutory Audits under different enactments of law in India like Companies Act, 2013; Income Tax Act, 1961 and Goods and Service Tax Acts.
Internal and management audits
Due diligence.
Special audits.

Tax and Regulatory Services

Indian tax legislation is continuously evolving and the challenges and complexities associated with the same is increasing every day.We provide you with updates and insights on the changes in tax environment and provides advisory services to formulate efficient tax positions and strategies aligning to your business needs. We also take care of the regulatory and compliance requirements under difference tax laws and also assist in tax representations and litigations.

Indirect Tax Services

The indirect tax system in India is still evolving and are highly volatile. The current Indirect tax system is quite complex with multi layered levied at center and state levels.With the introduction of GST, the economic outlook and the way of operations in India have undergone significate changes and the complexities and risks associated with the same have also gone up. We provide comprehensive services to improve the day to day reporting for taxes, reduction of tax costs, effective utilization of tax credits available, concessions and tax benefits available to the business.

Risk Consulting Services

A business can attain its full potential only by identifying and managing, at earlier stages, the inherent and residual risks associated with it. The organizations should demonstrate better discipline, control and responsibility for sustaining in the highly competitive environment. We help companies to identify and mitigate risks which helps them in staying on track and focused to its goals and objectives.We provide advisory and consulting services in the area of risk management tools, methodologies, its effective implantation and post implementation reviews.

Incorporation and startup assistance

Our team provides assistance for incorporation of various forms of legal entities in India. Our team helps in analyzing the operational needs, size of business, capital requirements and the complexities associated with the business and advise on the type and structure of legal entities suitable for the clients.

Private Limited Companies
Limited Liability Partnerships
Co-operative societies and Association of Persons

Management Consultancy Services

The Business Management Services division of LDS & Co works by integrating different consulting methodologies and solutions. We are experienced in dealing with clients from many time zones from different industries with varied financial, accounting and business requirements. Some key service areas include:

Advise on India Entry Strategy - Starting a business in India
Advise on formation and company structure - Both in India and outside India
Business planning, budgeting and forecasting.

CorporateAdvisory Services

A merger or acquisition can both add and deplete considerable value in a business, but making sure that each stage of the transaction process - from valuation to negotiation to diligence and closure - is successful, demands considerable experience and knowledge. Our hands-on practical approach helps facilitate successful transactions.

Financial Due diligence
Advice on Divestment Strategy

Project Consultancy services

A project represents change and is associated to new unforeseen risks. LDS & Co assist the clientsin conducting feasibility study on business projections, advisory services on financial planning and capital structuring, preparation of financial projections, analysis of fund flow, liquidity and Return of Income from the projects. Our experienced team can advise on the best financing option to choose for funding the project and assist in preparation of project reports to ensure that you get most eligible amount in the shortest time.